• Turn your clutter into cash
  • Earn 70% on all items sold
  • No more running all over town to sell items
  • Shop at our Consignors' Pre-sale for best price and best selection 
  • Minimum of only 20 items required to shop at the presale
  • Receive a guest pass to invite a friend to our Guest Presale 


  • Register for the sale by clicking on the Registration and Tagging System link. (FOR RETURNING CONSIGNORS: If you try to register and it will not assign you the number you had before, please do not choose a new number. Contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue. If you are using a phone, it may resolve by using a computer.)
  • Gather at least 20 items, but no more than 150 items.
  • Verify that your items are not on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled product list.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), it is unlawful to sell recalled products.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CPSC'S PRODUCT RECALL LIST or CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the WE MAKE IT SAFER website.
  • Enter your items and print your tags with the easy-to-use Computer Tagging System. ITEM ENTRY WILL CLOSE AT 8am ON TUESDAY, February 20th. YOU MAY CONTINUE TO PRINT YOUR TAGS AFTER THIS TIME, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER NEW ITEMS OR EDIT ITEMS AFTER 8am.
  • Attach tags to your items, please refer to Tagging Instructions.
  • Schedule a time to drop off your items. (look for Dropoff link from Registration and Tagging homepage)
  • Dropoff your items at your scheduled time. 
  • Pick up unsold items that you do not wish to donate.
  • Receive check for 70% of total sells less a $5 consignor fee. The consignor fee will be waived for all volunteers.
  • Clothing - sizes infant - 14 - Spring/Summer clothing, max of 150 items per consignor.
  • Clothing - sizes 16-20, LIMITED TO UNIFORM or NAME BRAND, max of 50 per consignor.
  • Uniform shorts and polos are accepted both seasons as well as jeans, sportswear, and boutique clothing. 
  • Clothing - Junior Girls sizes 0-4 ONLY NAME BRAND or UNIFORM, max of 50 per consignor
  • Sportswear, dancewear, dressup
  • Accessories (belts, hats, purses, bows, backpacks, etc.)
  • CLEAN (in-season) shoes in EXCELLENT condition. We accept cowboy and rain boots both sales. Shoes are limited to 12 pair per consignor.
  • Baby Gear CLEAN!!! (strollers, high chairs, swings, bouncy seats, cribs, bedding, etc.  Car seats that have not been in an accident and have not expired (refer to carseat label or owner's manual to check expiration date; carseats generally expire 6 years from manufacture date).  All items should be checked for recall.  (Please note that all drop-side cribs have been recalled and must be fixed/updated to be accepted for consignment.)
  • Quality Toys in excellent condition  (batteries should be included if needed)
  • Outdoor Toys/Play Equipment - CLEAN and in excellent condition (bikes, scooters, playhouses, etc.)
  • Kids Sports Equipment/Gear
  • Children's books, Parenting books
  • G, PG, PG-13 DVDs
  • Bedding: crib or twin size only; baby bedding sets or baby quilts 
  • Video systems and games
  • ANYTHING for children that is clean and gently used - unless it's on the NOT ACCEPTED list that follows


  • Items that are not tagged following the Tagging Instructions (please use white cardstock paper)
  • Room Décor (pictures, lamps, any other items used to decorate a room)
  • Full size or larger bedding
  • Baby bumper pads or dust ruffles not in a set
  • VHS tapes
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Winter clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Exceptions are listed above in Items Accepted. If in doubt, ask, or hold til the Fall/Winter sale.
  • Discount store brand sleepers (i.e. Gerber, Playtime) or any sleepers/pajamas with pilled or worn fabric.
  • Any clothing that is not on hangers.  We do not accept onesies or any other clothing in ziploc bags.
  • Women's/Men's size clothing
  • Clothing that smells of smoke
  • Books, Videos or other items that are not for children/early teens (ages 0-14)
  • Used Underwear, training pants, etc. (socks are acceptable if excellent condition, not stained)
  • Clothing with stains, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, heavy fading or piling, or not current style ("If in doubt, leave it out")
  • Shoes that are dirty and/or less than excellent condition
  • Shoes that exceed the 12 pair limit per consignor (EXCEPTION = NEW SHOES)
  • Ladies'/Men's shoes
  • Dirty baby equipment
  • Carseats that have expired (check label or owner's manual) or have been in an accident
  • Drop-side cribs (you can contact manufacturer to get kit to make your crib useable/sellable)
  • Toys without batteries if batteries are required for operation
  • Dollar store or "happy meal" toys, mardi gra beads, ANY OTHER NON-QUALITY TOYS
  • Dirty or broken toys
  • Stuffed animals (exception = NEW WITH TAGS)
  • Items on the CPSC recalled product list. This guideline applies mainly to children's toys and ALL baby equipment (such as bumbo chairs, cribs, play yards, highchairs, strollers, pacifiers, rattles, ETC.).  This guideline has been added in order to fully comply with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) which makes it unlawful to sell recalled products (and it doesn't matter why they have been recalled) or children's products that exceed the lawful lead limit.  IT IS THE CONSIGNORS RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY THAT THEIR ITEMS ARE NOT ON THE RECALL LIST. You can CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CPSC'S PRODUCT RECALL LIST.
  • Kids Market reserves the right to make decisions about which items are placed or not placed on the sale floor.  We will sometimes miss stains or other problems as items are quickly checked in.  If stains or other problems are found after placing the item on the floor, that item will be removed.    Done